Pink Mini Cube USB Himalayan Salt Lamp- 2 Pack



Turn your office cubicle into your own personal oasis with this usb salt lamp. Electronic devices such as Laptops, Computers and wireless devices create unhealthy electromagnetic fields (EMF's). Keeping a crystal salt lamp next to your computer helps counter EMF naturally. In addition, the subtle glow promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

We use the finest quality Himalayan Salt Rock to make our Himalayan Salt Lamp. Our salt lamps are made from the rock salt sourced from the Kalabagh Salt Mines. Each lamp is hand crafted by skilled artisans that have been in the trade for generations; as a result our premium salt lamps are one the best lamps in the market place. Each piece is hand crafted to preserve it primordial energy and promote healing. Lamps are mounted on a wooden base and features a Natural LED light so you will never need bulbs. The USB lamp changes colors automatically.

Weights 1-2 lbs.
Height: 3"

Shipping: USPS priority shipping. Super fast 3 day delivery. Free shipping on orders over $50.

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