Himalayan Amber Salt Rock Lamp- Large



Our large salt rock lamp is hand-crafted using natural Himalayan pink salt. Each Himalayan salt rock is carefully selected by our artisans and then meticulously chiseled by hand to accentuate the hidden beauty of the crystal. As the light passes through the salt crystal the rock comes to life and becomes a focal point of your living or work space.

This beautiful lamp sits on a zen feeling hand crafted wood base. This lamp comes with a dimmer cable to allow you to set the mood in your living space along with a 15 watt bulb. 

large salt rock lamp

Weight: 10 - 15 lbs (Approx)

Dimensions: As this is a natural rock the size and lighting varies in each lamp. 

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  • Are these lamps made with salt from the Khewra Salt Mines


    Our salt lamps are made from Himalayan salt from kalabagh salt mines. The grey Himalayan salt comes from karak salt mines and the white comes from Warcha salt mines.  In our experience, kalabagh offers a much superior salt lamp than khewra mines . Khewra salt is filled with more impurities making the salt prone to cracking.  Plus,  we have found that the salt lamps from kalabagh have more character with deaper color tones and striations making for a much better lighting experience. 

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