Himalayan Salt Lamp Globe



Our Himalayan Salt Lamp Globe is hand-crafted using natural Himalayan pink salt. This beautiful light globe sits on a round wooden base. It comes with a UL certified dimmer cable to allow you to set the mood in your living space along with a 15 watt bulb. 

Feel the power of the ionized air as it focuses and calms your mind, boosts your immune system, improves respiration, and provides for a better night’s sleep. Heal your environment with this lovely salt lamp sphere.

    Weight: 9.3 lbs

    Dimensions: 6"x 6"x 7"

    Shipping: USPS priority shipping. Super fast 3 day delivery. Free shipping on orders over $50.


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    Collections: Handcrafted Salt Rock Lamps

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    Type: Salt Lamp


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    • My lamp arrived with a lot of white residue on it that is not coming off with a moist cloth. What do you recommend?


      Thank you so much for the quesiton. Sometimes the salt form the lamps get onto the wood base during shipment. I would recommending taking a little soap and water (moist cloth shoudl be sufficient) to it. That should help. Make sure to not put too much water on the lamp. Wipe it dry. Hope that helps. 

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