Himalayan salt Lamp- Gray Zen Block



Our Zen Gray Block lamp is hand-crafted using natural Himalayan gray salt. This beautiful lamp sits on a square Indian Rosewood base. The salt used is from the mineral rich Karak salt mines in Pakistan.The lamp comes with a UL certified dimmer cable to allow you to set the mood in your living space along with a 15 watt bulb. 

Feel the power of the ionized air as it focuses and calms your mind, boosts your immune system, improves respiration, and provides for a better night’s sleep. Heal your environment with this lovely conversation piece.

Dimensions: 4.5"x 4.5" x  6.5"

Weight: Approx 9.1 lbs

Shipping: USPS priority shipping. Super fast 3 day delivery. Free shipping on orders over $50.

Visit the Hazantree learning center to learn more about the benefits of Himalayan salt.

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  • How is bulb connected to lamp and what kind of cord comes with it

    The bulb is connected via a detachable cord and bulb holder that is very each to install and uninstall. The lamp accomodates a 15 watt bulb. The cord has a dimmer that allows you to set the brightness of the lamp.

  • Would you recommend keeping a dry towel underneath the base to absorb any moisture coming in? Also how authentic are these lamps compared to the ones being shipped out from khewra in pakistan?

    Yes, this is salt. salt  tends to absorb moisture. In most cases the lamps does not lead collecting and pooling of water however some environments have really high humidity. Test and play it by ear. We recommend keeping the lamp on for extended periods of time to prevent the accumulation of moisture. If you are concerned about the surface that you are setting your lamp on then it might not be a bad idea to set it on a towel until you know how much your lamp sweats (it reallly depends on the environment) so it is hard to predict. 

    OUr lamps are 100% authentic. Khewra produces poor quality lamps prone to chipping and cracking. Our grey lamps come from Karake salt mines, the white come from Warcha and the pink cme from Kalabagh. Alot of sellers have started using khewra as a buzzword, in reality they have no idea where the salt is actually comign from. We have tested the quality of our mines for years. The lamps from these mines are far superior to anything that khewra can produce. 

  • Do you receive the lamp in photo or one like it?


    Thank you for posting the question. We try very hard make sure thats all our lamps are uniform and equally beautiful. We have strict quality control measures in place to ensure the production highest quality lamps. However, please bear in mind that each of these lamps are handcrafted. So each lamp is hand carved for you individually. As such, there are variations. It adds to the character of each individual lamp. However, we do make sure the finish and the final product is held consistent. 

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