A Major Himalayan Salt Lamp Recall Worries Consumers

Himalayan or rock salt lamps have gained huge popularity in the recent years. They became famous not only because they look unique, but due to their health benefits as well. A salt lamp is a big crystal of pure rock salt hollowed on the inside and containing a bulb in it. It is known for releasing negative ions, neutralizing the air, making the person feel fresh and rejuvenated as a result. Other health benefits include trapping allergens – cleaning the air. However, recent salt lamp recall has had consumers seriously worried. So, are Himalayan salt lamps safe?

What Caused the Recall?



lumiere salt lampYou must be wondering what the dangers of Himalayan salt lamps are that caused more than 80,000 lamps to be recalled. There is nothing wrong with the salt crystal that is being used for the lamp. The great benefits of the lamp are also true. The issue was with the electrical component of the lamp that caused a fire hazard and the risk of electrocution. The electric shock and fire hazard was caused due to faulty and inferior quality dimmer switches. This issue plagued Lumiere salt lamp versions the most – but the company was quite proactive with the recall though.

The switch would overheat with time and ignite as a result. Many consumers reported the issue online, but fortunately no serious damages were reported. Looking at the issue you can tell that the dangers of Himalayan salt lamps are not associated with its nature, but the use of faulty electrical components. You can either call it human error or negligence.


Is There Any Solution to the Problem?

Of course, there is a simple solution to the problem – UL Certification. When the problem is with electrical components, you just have to make sure those components pass through proper safety tests before they come in your hands. That’s what UL certification is all about. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a US federal agency, has a list of approved and authorized laboratories that not only inspect, but certify and advise the safety of electrical devices. UL is one of the most prominent names on that list. With its offices located in 46 countries, the organization has been helping make the world a safer place through its electrical device safety regulations, inspections and auditing for more than a century.

It should also be noted here that Lumiere salt lamp and some versions of this lamp were the only ones that were recalled due to this issue. No such problems were reported with salt lamps from other companies, but we have still taken the safety measures to guarantee 100% protection of our consumers.

Hazantree Cares for You

Hazantree takes consumer safety as its primary and biggest responsibility. When you buy our Himalayan salt lamps, you can have complete peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about such complications. Every rock salt lamp you see on our website has standard UL certified cords.After going through strict testing in one of the world’s most famous electrical component safety laboratories, our salt lamps are just as safe as they are beautiful. We can also assure you that our salt lamps have the most aesthetically pleasing designs – unparalleled to what you see online.

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