Where to Buy a Real Himalayan Salt Lamp?

where to buy himalayan salt lampHimalayan salt lamps are one of the newest items for health-conscious people and for people who enjoy the odd and unusual item for interior decoration. And no wonder! Authentic Himalayan salt lamps come in a wide range of colors and are considered to create a healthful atmosphere for users. They have become so popular, that there are fake Himalayan salt lamps on the market. However, real Himalayan salt lamps are made from salt mined in one of several natural salt mines around the world – the most famous being the Himalayan salt mines in Pakistan and India. Quality and color of salt will vary between mines.

Salt lamps are a traditional style of lamp. Some are designed to be used with a candle or tea light, but many are set up to use an electric light bulb and an electrical connection. Some of you might recall that this created a problem when a well-known company purchased Himalayan salt lamps at a bulk rate and subsequently discovered that the electrical parts of those lamps presented a hazard. However, it is safe to use Himalayan salt lamps from reputable manufacturers.

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Here at Hazantree, all our lamps are UL inspected and exceed industry standards. More than that, the base is created from premium wood. The screws that attach the lamp to the base are 1.5 inches in length, and are made from stainless steel. One of the problems with many of these lamps is that the attaching screws are only one inch long and they are made of alloys that quickly rust. As you probably know, salt does tend to attract moisture which will lead to rust and corrosion of many metals. To help alleviate this problem, each screw is secured with a plastic anchor to further protect both the metal and the salt rock. This is important not only for home safety, but also to help preserve your lamp, since they can be quite heavy. A good lamp is an investment which should be designed to last; we strive to have the best Himalayan salt lamps in every regard

Himalayan salt lamps come in a wide range of beautiful colors. These range from pure white, through gray, black, orange, pink and red depending on the mineral content and the location from which it is mined. Each mine location has a different quality of salt stone. For example, the salt stone from Khewra has a higher incidence of insoluble material mixed with the salt minerals, and this decreases the strength of the stones. Therefore, only naturally shaped salt lamps can be made from it. It should be noted here that Hazantree salt lamps are made from salt mined from Kalabagh, where the salt stone is of much higher quality. We have found that even the naturally shaped lamps tend to last longer when made from higher quality salt rocks, and we want only the best Himalayan salt lamps for our customers.

The color of the salt affects the color of the light that is emitted from a lamp, which means that it can emit an orange glow almost like a fireplace or it can have a pure pink light that creates a cheerful room ambiance. It can even be dimmed down by the black or gray color ranges to become ideal as a night light.  Most of us who use electronic devices know that sleepers are advised not to have items such as computer screens or televisions running in the same room where they are sleeping, because the light levels interfere with nodding off.  Therefore, most small digital devices are now equipped with a setting known as blue shade, which cuts out those light rays that indicate one should be waking up and paying attention to the world. Your darker colored salt Lamps give off a low light level that encourages that drowsy, safe feeling that goes with twilight and time to go to bed.

himalayan salt minesMany sources indicate and that salt Lamps create negatively charged ions. Negatively charged ions are said to help people to have a more buoyant, positive mood and to help remove dust particles and pollen from air. There is some debate over whether salt Lamps sufficiently create negatively charged ions to impact health or even whether these theories about negatively charged ions are correct. However, one thing is for sure, beautiful Himalayan salt lamps do create an attractive ambiance for your rooms at home.

 A traveler who had purchased a salt lamp after touring the Khewra mine noted that after several years had passed, his lamp, which had once had a distinctive design on the outside, had slowly smoothed down until the design was scarcely visible. Himalayan salt stones are hydroscopic. That means that they attract moisture. All our lamps are shipped shrink-wrapped in plastic and then further protected in bubble wrap to keep moisture from destabilizing the salt stone and to protect them from more ordinary hazards such as rough handling of the container.  

authentic himalayan salt lampTo summarize, our Hazantree authentic Himalayan salt lamps are made from high-quality Himalayan salt, mined in Kalabagh. Or to put it another way, if you are wondering where to buy Himalayan salt lamps we sell only the best. The electrical parts are all UL inspected for quality and safety. The base, screws and the plastic screw sleeves are all of excellent quality, installed with an eye toward creating a beautiful lamp that can be enjoyed for many years. We have a broad variety of styles and designs, including lamps that use candles or tea lights, as well as electrical lighting. We believe that a Himalayan salt lamp is a beautiful addition to any home. Different colors can be selected to create a desired ambiance ranging from the cozy feel of an open fire to night lights that seem to whisper, “Day is done – go to sleep now.” It is our pleasure to bring this ancient art to people around the world.

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