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Hazantree Himalayan salt lamp

Hi There and welcome on hazantree.com!

Hazantree is an online home decor designer shop which aim is to offer a selection of beautiful home decor pieces that combine quality (all our lamps are made with premium Himalayan salt from Pakistan) and trend at affordable prices.

Two Brothers and Himalayan Salt....Our Story

Our journey started years ago when our mother bought us a natural cut Himalayan salt lamp. We were intrigued by the beauty of the lamp and believed that really cool and creative things could be done with Himalayan Salt. With the mission in mind of sharing the splendor of this amazing material with everyone; In 2015, we started a design project in our basement that later became Hazantree; Our shop. My brother and I work together on all the design projects in the effort of making cool lamps and work with a manufacturing partner to bring these product ideas to life. We’re a young salt lamp interior décor shop with a ton of cool ideas and products. This is the beginning of our story and we hope to bring a ton of amazing products. Thanks for taking the time and looking us up!

If you have any additional inquiries, feel free to contact us at support@hazantree.com

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