FAQ on Himalayan Salt Lamps


If you have questions, You have come to the right place! We have put together answers to some of the commonly asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for just drop us a line at support@hazantree.com and we'll get back to you.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are made of naturally formed crystals that come from deep inside the Southern Himalayan Mountains located in Pakistan. The Salt is some 250 million years old and has been mined for many uses. One of the most common uses is to make salt lamps. Salt lamps have a natural ability to promote calm and create a relaxing environment. There are some reports of significant health benefits.  The lamps are often promoted by holistic sources as improving air quality, promoting negative ions, and pulling pollen, dust and other impurities out of the air.

Do Himalayan salt lamps really work?

Some of the questions that come to mind when you read about Himalayan Salt lamps are Do Himalayan salt lamps really work? What are the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps? Are Himalayan salt lamps a hoax? Our customers have told us that they have noticed improved health and Wellness in certain areas. Currently, there is no scientific research available to support or discredit these claims. At Hazantree we believe that the lamps have other things to offer.

At Hazantree we look beyond the health claims. Instead we embrace the aesthetic beauty of this ancient natural salt crystal. We find artistic means to further enhance the splendor of this incredible resource. We have in-house artists and designers that work on new salt lamp designs that are modern & fun, and can enhance the appearance of a room while leaving the owner with feeling calm and relaxed. We are constantly looking for design opportunities to incorporate different elements into our designs. These range from unique designs such as the Moai lamp, to our variety of bases that are only available at Hazantree. Our company is young and fresh; it’s the future of Himalayan Salt lamps.

What are Himalayan salt lamps good for? Or what are the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps?

The most common benefit is the color and the reported benefit of negative ions. First let's consider the colors, our lamps are always in the red orange and pink color ranges. These colors have been reported to promote peace, calm, and a sense of security. Our lamps create an environment of calm and serenity much like that found sitting at a campfire or a fireplace. The second is the Negative Ion benefits - science suggests that when water and moisture evaporate from the surface of the Himalayan salt lamps, negative ion count in the air increase. Many of our customers claim that negative ions help in many areas, such as relieving asthma, snoring, and allergies.

What’s the best place to buy Himalayan Salt lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are trending at global level; as a result competition has increased and there are a lot of opportunities to purchase them. Here are a couple of things to consider when you’re deciding:

  • Does the company guarantee customer satisfaction? At Hazantree we consider customer satisfaction as the paramount measure of our success. We try to go above and beyond normal expectations to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Craftsmanship of the lamps; does the company pay attention to the details? At Hazantree we work with skilled artisans that have been in the Himalayan salt lamp trade for generations. We up hold the highest quality control process to ensure that only the best product reaches your door steps.

Hazantree Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • The quality of the salt itself is very important. There are numerous mines in Pakistan, with varying qualities of salt. We use the crystal salt from deep in the mines, rather than the inexpensive rock salt from the top of the mountains. In addition, we use premium components when producing our Himalayan salt rock lamps. This includes the custom Zen design of the wooden bases, and even the screws and other hardware used in putting our lamps together.
  • When purchasing a salt lamp, make sure that the production company uses safe and certified electrical components in their lamps. Some cords coming out of Pakistan may have UL certified markings, but the actual cable may not be UL tested.  At Hazantree, we absolutely make sure that all our Himalayan salt cords are UL tested and that they meet our high standards of quality control.
  • When you purchase your Himalayan Salt Lamps from Hazantree, rest assured you are getting the best quality Himalayan Salt Lamps in the market. We are so confident in our lamps that we provide a 30 day warranty, no questions asked, return policy.

There are many companies that sell salt lamp, some are really cheap. Is there any difference between the actual salt lamps?

YES! There are primarily three things that determine the quality of the salt lamp. The Salt Grade, Wood Base and Electrical Component. Here is a illustration that explain difference.

Himalayan Salt Lamp From Pakistan


Dangers of Himalayan salt lamps?

There are no known dangers related to Himalayan salt lamp. We recommend buying your lamp from a reputable Himalayan Salt lamp company that guarantees their product. Especially the electrical components of the Lamp. At Hazantree, we carefully evaluate our electrical component, i.e. the Himalayan Salt Lamp cord. We monitor our manufacturers to make sure that our customers are safe using the lamp. We go through a rigorous process to ensure that all our cords meet the high-quality metrics standard of UL certification.

The Himalayan salt lamps are heavy, so we suggest placing the lamps away from the corners of desks and tables. If you have children in the house, as with any lamp, make sure the cord is not easily accessible.

When properly produced, Himalayan salt lamps are safe products. We highly recommend buying a Himalayan salt lamp for your living space. You will love the ambiance and soft lighting created by these magnificent lamps. If you have any questions reach out to one of our customer care specialists, and we’ll be glad to answer them.

Do you wonder what size Himalayan Salt Lamp you need in each room?

Well, wonder no more. See below for all Natural Shape Himalayan Salt Lamp sizes.

The weight guidelines above can be used to determine the coverage area for both Natural Cut Lamps and Handcrafted Lamps.


Are Himalayan salt lamps safe for cats?

We are not aware of any issues with cats and Himalayan salt lamp; but we aren’t animal specialists. We recommend if you have a cat that you discuss this with your local veterinarian.

How long can I safely leave my Himalayan Salt Lamp turned on?

It is important to understand how Himalayan Salt Lamps act as natural ionizers. It is the heat from the bulb that stimulates the production of negative ions. Therefore, the longer your Himalayan Salt Lamps are on, the warmer they will get and the more they will purify the air in your environment. In our living and work space, we leave our Himalayan Salt Lamps on all the time, but recommend you use at your discretion.

A crafted lamp versus a naturally shaped lamp? Which design is better?

We frequently receive questions asking which lamp design is more beneficial. Well the answer is that both have the same qualities and benefits discussed above. Both styles are 100% natural materials and organic. The difference is the customer preference; we suggest that you pick a lamp that is the most aesthetically pleasing to you. As our Himalayan Salt is a naturally sourced material, the color, shape, and contrast may differ from one lamp to the other.

What are Himalayan salt caves? And do they have any therapeutic benefits for the user?

Europeans have long held that breathing in salt has therapeutic properties. Designed to mimic the natural salt caves common throughout Eastern Europe, man-made salt rooms often feature walls of saline crystals that sparkle amid sodium stalactites and piles of rock salt that blanket the floor. Meanwhile, generators release microscopic salt particles into the room, filling inhabitants’ lungs and—according to many accounts—restoring their ability to breathe.

Though no clinical studies in the United States have yet proven the efficacy of what is known as halotherapy or speleotherapy, many cultures in Europe—and, increasingly, North America—swear by it. Experience suggests that even a single session in a salt room can help loosen mucus, clear lung and nasal passages, easing the symptoms of respiratory problems such as asthma, allergies, and clogged scuba hoses. The particles have also been reported to soothe skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis, and the relaxing atmosphere of salt rooms undoubtedly triggers a key benefit: reducing stress. Additional benefits can include headache relief, increased energy, and improved sleep patterns.

Along with the anecdotal evidence, some scientists have begun to support the idea of halotherapy. A recent study found that Australian surfers with cystic fibrosis noted improvement in their breathing after inhaling sea spray, while another found that inhaling aerosolized salt improve smoking-related coughing and mucus production. Still, experts recommend only using salt-room treatments as a complement to modern medicine.

Were Hazantree salt rock lamps impacted by the salt lamp recall in 2016?

Absolutely no, we take great pride in the level of attention that we pay to everything that we do, from product design to customer safety. We only provide UL certified components in our salt lamp cords. Backed by more than a century of proven safety science expertise, businesses, consumers and regulatory authorities from around the world recognize the trusted rigor and technical excellence of UL certifications.  UL conducts quality assurance and performance tests such as the temperature, abnormal operations, overvoltage, and under voltage tests during their certification process for each component of the salt lamp cord before a cord is considered safe enough to be deemed UL certified. In addition, our manufacturing partners are accredited with ISO9001:2008 certification. All the components of a Hazantree Salt Lamp cord have clearly been marked with the authorized UL certification marking. Rest assure that you are buying a high-quality product when you choose Hazantree for you next purchase.

What is the difference between a White Himalayan salt lamp, Pink Himalayan salt lamp, and Grey/ Black Himalayan salt lamp?

Amongst the White Himalayan salt lamp, Pink Himalayan sea salt lamp, and Grey/ Black Himalayan salt lamp, the black colored salt rock lamps are the rarest among the Himalayan salt lamp collections. As they all provide similar benefits of Himalayan salt, the difference is the intensity of color emitted from the lamp, the mood or ambiance the user would like to set, and difficulty in handling the salt rock crystal. The Pink Himalayan salt lamp creates a warm ambiance which is really relaxing; whereas, a White Himalayan salt lamp is much brighter -- but you have the option to use colored light bulbs with them.

If I’m ordering a gift can I have it shipped to a different mailing address?

Sure, why not. Make sure you note that in the checkout process; you can specify where you want your lamps or gifts are sent to and we’ll take care of it from there. If you have any questions, send us a message on the messenger located on our website, or drop us a line at support@hazantree.com, or using the messenger on our website and we’ll be glad to help out.

What is the best way to heat a Himalayan Salt Brick Plate?

Please take caution when heating a natural plate like our Himalayan Salt Plates. The salt plated are set in a metal stand to ensure your safety. When heating the salt plate, it is important to do it is a slowly; Subjecting the Salt plate to direct heat source too quickly can cause a natural cracking in the salt. What we suggest is placing the plate in an oven then gradually & evenly bringing the temperature of the salt plate up to your desired cooking temperature. Once you have reached your desired temperature, you can place the plate on a cooktop stove, grill or hot plate.

Unfortunately, when using any natural product, we do have to accept that nature is unpredictable, and it is possible that the salt plate may crack even after following the steps. However, the above-mentioned steps will reduce the risk of heat shock and possible cracking. The salt plate or Himalayan slab are slow cook kitchenware, but they are well worth the effort. Enjoy!

Once I have used my Himalayan Salt Brick Plate, how should I clean it?

Let the Himalayan salt brick plate slowly cool down naturally. We recommend not subjecting it to rapid temperature change as it may cause cracking. Once the plate has cooled down, place the plate under a running faucet and wipe any residual food particles from the salt plate. You do not need to use any cleaning detergent as the salt is anti-microbial. The maintenance of the salt plate is easy and fast.

Do you sell wholesale to retailers? And what does it take to get started?

We are a customer focused company, whether you are a retail or wholesale customer, our customer service staff will be happy to assist you. We want to make sure that if you decide to buy wholesale from us, that you are set up for success. We feel sure that this will be the case when you are selling Hazantree lamps which are backed by Hazantree’s 30 day guarantee.

Our primary focus is to make it easy for companies or individuals to get started with us on a rock salt wholesale level. If you are interested in buying wholesale and are looking for a Himalayan Rock Salt Distributer or a bulk rock salt supplier reach out to us and we’ll make sure your inquiries are answered within 24 hours.

Why should I choose Hazantree for wholesale?

We are a customer centric company. Whether you are a retail or wholesale customer, we are committed to making sure that we take care of you and uphold our customer promise. We have a robust supply chain to ensure that you always have product on your shelves. In addition, we will position you in a way that helps maximize your selling potential. Finally, Hazantree sells premium grade products, especially Wholesale salt lamps, and is continuously designing amazing salt products so you will always have new products to offer to your customers.

If you have a question you would like an answer to please go to the contact us tab and send us an email at support@hazantree.com. We would be happy to answer you directly.