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Color and Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

October 27, 2017

Color and Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Theory of Color

Studies have already established that certain color can affect mood within a room. For
example, lemon yellow can be a refreshing color for a kitchen, touches of orange will
encourage people to eat quickly and get on with their day. Blue (which does not occur
naturally in salt lamps) is a cool, soothing color – and for that reason is often used in
bedrooms. Creams and beiges are neutral, and provide an expectant environment for
accents and splashes of brighter color.

Adding Light

Lighting is an important part of any décor. Its first function is to provide appropriate
levels of light for work, play or relaxing.

Natural Salt Lamp Colors

Himalayan salt is mined in a specific geographic region in Pakistan and India, around and near the Himalayan Mountains. The salt from each mine has specific characteristics; in fact, salt from different areas in one mine can be different from the salt mined in another level of the same mine. The Salt comes in all sorts of colors, which are created by minerals. The colors range from pure white up through gray, black, orange, pink and even red. Of course, these colors change somewhat when they are lit from within by either an electric light bulb or a tea candle. The wattage of the bulb will also affect the mood that is produced by your candle.

Selecting Colors for Your Décor

A red lamp can help set the scene for a romantic evening. Combine it with bright crystal that will catch the light from the lamp and reflect it back. Add a romantic bouquet of roses or carnations, a fine lace tablecloth, a bottle of good wine, some cheese, crackers and fruit to create the backdrop against which to ask that all-important question or to celebrate an anniversary.

Pink lamps are warm and rosy, perfect for reading aloud or sharing beautiful music. Pink is a warm, cheerful color. Used in moderation, it can encourage productivity and suggest a happy mood.

A pure, white light might be used as an accent with a spray of ferns or delicate potted flowers. White Himalayan salt lamps are the beautiful salt crystals, mined without any stain or blemish. As a focus for a corner shrine, illumination for a special photograph or
painting, or simply a light for an area of the room that has always been a little bit gloomy, you can hardly go wrong.

White Himalayan Salt Lamps

white salt lamp
Genuine white Himalayan salt is rare, and is much prized. Therefore, a genuine white Himalayan salt lamp will be more expensive than the colored ones – not less. If you feel that your white salt lamp should have a hue, simply use a colored bulb in the fixture – which gives you a wide range of options for color – including blues and greens, which are not available naturally. Even when not lit, the crystal formations are beautiful.

The white salt can have impurities that impart a grayish or black color to the salt. The gray or black crystals have the potential to make good night lights – especially if combined with a low-wattage, blue bulb. That will help your salt lamp function in the same way that “blue shade” works on your tablet when reading your digital book at night. But like the pure white lamps, these smoky crystals function very well on their own.

Imagine a room furnished in white, with finely carved wood accents. Imagine a mahogany coffee table with a clear, glass top. A tasteful spray of greenery has been arranged across it, and out of the center of the greenery rises a smoky Himalayan salt crystal. When it is illuminated, it gives the room a mystic glow – almost like the heart of a campfire on a dark night.

Imagine dark satin throw pillows with just the few faintest metallic threads in their
embroidered edges. The threads catch the light from the lamp, enhancing the mystery of the room. Somewhere soft music is playing, pulling the viewer into a world of never-
been, yet someday might be.

Pulling it All Together – Himalayan Salt Lamps and Color

In general, the most common colors of Himalayan salt –pink, orange, red and yellow --
impart a warm feeling to a room. White, a less common color, can become a vehicle for other colors, such as blue or green, by using a colored bulb in the lamp or they can be enjoyed in their original splendor. Genuine white Himalayan salt lamps are rarer than the colored lamps, and are likely to be a little more expensive – not less. Take care to purchase genuine salt lamps from a reputable supplier.

white salt lamps

Gray or black lamps are made from white salt that has impurities embedded in the salt – indeed, that is the way the colors are also created. Nature has an amazing palette of color with which to paint the world, and the minerals in Himalayan salt crystals is just one beautiful demonstration of the wonders that surround us.

Whatever color you select, salt lamps are a unique way to add to your home décor. Select genuine crystals from a reputable dealer/manufacturer who will provide quality electrical connections through with to provide the light to enhance your beautiful salt crystals. Leave us a message below if you have other decorating ideas for salt lamps, or share your ideas about the use of color in home decorating. We are always glad to hear from you.

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