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Seven Ways to Chase Away the "Seasonal Gloom"

December 16, 2017

Seven Ways to Chase Away the "Seasonal Gloom"

Grey Days of Winter

As the holiday season approaches, in many part of the world, the days are growing shorter and colder. Grey Winter days weigh on the spirit, right along with agonizing over paying heating bills, buying gifts and still keeping up with regular budget items.

Good Cheer from My Salt Lamp

This is the season at which I most appreciate the warm light from my salt rock lamp. Its rough-hewn surface and its natural orange/red coloring combine to make a cheery glow, almost like having a little campfire on the corner of my desk. It also puts off a tiny amount of heat since the salt crystal warms up when it is on during my workday.

salt rock lamp

Large Pink Himalayan Salt lamp

Beating those Seasonal Blues

Seasonal blues affect a lot of people. Even if you are not officially diagnosed with Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder, often called SAD, the short, gloomy days can put a damper on  your spirits. There are ways you can combat that feeling of dreary sameness that can creep over a winter routine.

Electric Fireplace

Install an energy-saver electric faux fireplace. It can create added radiant heat in a chilly area. The bright, flame display sends the signal to your brain that warmth is being generated. Some models are set up to play crackling fire sound effects or even musical selections.

Throws Add Bright Color and Cuddly Texture, and Invite Curling Up with a Hot Drink

Add some bright, fuzzy throws to your favorite chair or couch. Use them to add color to your rooms or cuddle under them while you watch television or read. The temptation is to also stock up on comfort drinks, such as hot cider or cocoa. If you are a wintertime couch potato, you are in danger of packing on some wintertime pounds – just when you would like to look good for that holiday party. Explore the flavors of herbal tea. Some varieties taste wonderful without adding even a single grain of sugar or other sweetener. Pick up some seasonal fruit, such as late apples or oranges. Both keep well compared to other fruits, and the vitamin C can help boost your immune system.

Make a Joyful Noise

Whether  your heat source plays music or not, crank up your sound box with some lively tunes. Make it a point to do some fun exercise such as yoga, dance or just wiggle to the beat. Don’t worry about doing the right steps or making the right moves – for this, any move is the right move if it gets your blood pumping and encouraged aerobic breathing.

Remember Those Who Have Passed, Treasure Those Who Remain, and Make New Friends

The holidays can be a time for painful reminiscing, especially if there is someone missing from your usual circle. Focus on those who are still with you. Encourage them to tell you of their adventures and triumphs during the year.  If you do not have close family members, spend some time volunteering or visiting with friends. Create contacts who share activities you find enjoyable.

Light Makes a Difference

Use your salt lamp to brighten your mood. Add some holiday lights, as well. If a Christmas tree or similar decorations are just too much bother, hang a wreath that is brightly decked with bows or ornaments.

Visit the World

Do something outside your house. At this time of year, there are many events. Watch a Holiday parade, enjoy the bands as they march past. Reach out to others – read to people who are confined to their beds or share in community art projects. The worst thing you can do when you are feeling sad and lonely is to simply sit. Look for things to enjoy and ways to enliven  your mood.

Refuel at Home

Sometimes, however, there is a flip side. The holiday visiting and celebrating can reach too frenetic a pace. That is when it is good to simply relax in your favorite chair, with brightly colored fuzzy blankets, and sip your favorite tea. Indulge your senses with soft music, low light settings and perhaps even an audio book. Make your home a sanctuary; but not necessarily a place to hide. Reach to the world outside, but come home and relax.

To Everything There is a Season

Balance your social events with time to quietly retreat. Before you know it, the holiday months will have passed, the skies will clear, and the world will begin to be green again. The World constantly renews itself.

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