How to spot fake versus a Real Himalayan Salt lamp?

How to spot fake versus a Real Himalayan Salt lamp?

April 20, 2017

Himalayan salt lamps sales have steadily been on an incline over the last couple of years as customers around the world are learning of the health benefits of this absolutely stunning salt crystal. A real himalayan salt lamp is specially very beneficial for people suffering from breathing issues as they disperse negative ions in the air which attract dust and other harmful particles from the air causing them to fall to the ground. Naturally as the popularity of the Himalayan salt lamps grow certain people in the market place have started selling lamps made of other stones or other elements as Himalayan salt lamps. In some cases certain online merchants are selling Dyed table salt lamps as Himalayan salt. Table salt can't be compared to Himalayan Salt; as Himalayan salts purity far exceeds purity of table salt or sea salt.

A lots of people have fallen victim to these fake lamp scams and ended up depriving themselves from the purest form of salt in the world. At Hazantree, we take pride in the salt that we source for our products. The salt we use is premium grade and examined rigorously before being process at our manufacturing facility. We would like to use the endless years of experience that we have and share it with our customers.

Natural Himalayan salt is hygroscopic meaning it attracts moisture from the air around it. We strongly recommend keeping the lamp at a cool and dry place because if exposed to moisture the lamp appears to be “sweating”. 
This sweating is caused by moisture in the air condensing upon coming into contact with the lamp surface. Sweating and hygroscopic nature are two of the most distinguishable signs of a genuine Himalayan salt lamp. If you suspect that you have been handed a fake Himalayan salt lamp simply place it in a place where it will be exposed to moisture. A word of caution though exposing your lamp to moisture for prolonged time might cause it to lose its shape and reduce in size. The sweating of the Himalayan salt lamp will leave salt residual around the parameter of the lamp were it’s placed upon. 

We strongly recommend buying your Himalayan salt lamp from a company that you can trust.  

For additional information, here is a list of features for finding the best lamp 

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