Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps for Holiday Gifts

Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps for Holiday Gifts

December 15, 2018

Every Christmas or other holiday gift giving list has that certain person on it – you know the one I mean. The person who has everything, the one who is jaded by gift selections, who declares, “Oh, just send me a card,” or the one who says, “Surprise me! I know what you select will be great!” You absolutely cannot go wrong with a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp for that difficult to buy for person on your holiday gift list.

Whether you are buying for your mother, sister, brother, father or even for that impossible Secret Santa person at work, our Himalayan salt lamps are the perfect choice for that hard-to-buy-for person. More than that, they are gifts that you can feel good about giving.

  • Every lamp is made from all-natural salt crystals mined from the earth
  • Without exception, each lamp is inspected for safety, and has been created according to UL safety regulations.
  • Our beautiful lamps are proudly handcrafted by Pakistani craftsmen.
  • If you ever have any questions about our lamps – any questions at all – our customer service is available 24/7, just for you.

Those are four very good reasons to purchase our gorgeous salt lamps, but there are even better reasons. The biggest one is that our salt lamps, which are lovingly handcrafted, are beautiful. Whether you are purchasing a naturally shaped pink crystal lamp, or you are buying one of our carefully carved lamps, each one is constructed to the highest standards with an eye toward creating something beautiful or unusual for the people on your list.


For those who want something a little more sophisticated than the pink salt crystals, there is the caviar gray salt lamp. It is the perfect accent for a hallway where it can act as a nightlight, or it can be used as a focal point for meditation. An excellent choice for gentlemen on your buying list, it can also work well for sophisticated women who would like something a little different.

If you need something a little daintier, perhaps for your mother, your wife, your sister or daughter, the dainty Amber Serenity Bowl is a delightful choice. The smoothly carved bowl is filled with chunks of raw crystal. Each uncut crystal is unique, and when they are piled in the bowl, they make a display that is never precisely the same as another Serenity Bowl Lamp.

Along the same line as the Serenity Bowl is the Infinity Bowl. The Infinity Bowl is carved in a spiral tower shape. Like the Serenity Bowl, the hollowed top is filled with loose crystals for an ever-changing display.


Most of our salt lamps are lit with 15-watt bulbs that are powered by a UL compliant fixture and cord, with a dimmer switch that allows you to set your desired light level. The easy-care lamps do attract dust during operation because their negative ionization helps precipitate dust out of the air. When this happens, just wipe the surface gently with a lightly dampened cloth, and your lamp is ready to use again.

If you want something without a cord, you can purchase the caviar gray plug in, that works just like any nightlight. They come in a 2 pack, and are handy for those hard-to-illuminate areas in your home.

For those who like their lamps with a trifle more sophistication, there is the Ravi Lamp, a lovely column of salt crystal on a zen style wood base and topped with a matching cap that has beautifully detailed carving. It is the perfect conversation piece, and a lovely selection for that person who has everything or the one who says, “Oh, surprise me.”

There is something heartwarmingly beautiful about salt lamps. The way the crystals catch the light, the pure ozone tang in rooms where they are used, the soft warmth they exude, all combine to create a home decorating statement that is unmatched by any other sort of lamp.

Whether you give a salt lamp as a gift, or use it to illuminate a small shrine or to create a little holiday ambiance for your home decorations, you an enjoy a lamp as unique and individual as grains of salt. Natural crystals each have similar characteristics, but, like snowflakes, no two are precisely the same.

This December is a good time to purchase salt lamps from Hazantree. Buy any two lamps and get 25 percent off on your purchase, as advertised on the Hazantree Facebook page. 

Want more discounts? Sign up for a membership on the Hazantree website and learn about the ways you can earn points to put toward your next salt lamp purchase. Oh, and don’t forget to spin the wheel of fortune when you shop on the website – who knows what kind of goodies you might win! You might come up with the perfect “something special” for that person on your holiday list – the one who is always a challenge when it comes to finding the perfect gift.

Oh, and don’t forget: for the cook on your list, there is the Himalayan salt slab, the perfect way to season food with the light, delicate taste of mineral salts from the mountains. Salt slabs are the perfect way to cook lightly season fish, vegetables and a host of other things. You get the perfect salt taste without overwhelming the food.

Be sure to include a little history of Himalayan salt with your gift, and give the gift of knowledge along with the lamp or salt slab. Pakistan is an area rich in history, much of which is connected to the salt mines. Whether the stories are precisely fact or whether they are a little flavored with legend is completely beside the point. Like the lamps, they create a moment of wonder that reflects the ever changing and ever the same human condition.

There is a tradition of placing a candle in the window for the passing stranger when the days are short, and the nights are long and dark. Perhaps this season, you could place a salt lamp in  your window to guide the steps of weary travelers. Or just give one as a gift. That works, too.

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